My life in Words 


My life is words is not to be frowned uponOr to be judged as I’m victimizing myself

My life in words is to speak on my journey I call life.

My life in words tell the story of things and situations I’ve been in

My story is not to sadden anyone or to make others feel sorry for me

My life in words is to give hope to those who walk in similar shoes

My life is words is to inspire me and to show me that I’ve survived so much and I’m still here

My life in words is to keep me from giving up on hope and life

These words are my therapy when I feel the urge to consider suicide.

My life in words are transcribed so when I finally get out of this black hole, I can reflect back on how I conquered the pain, the disappointments, the hurt, the failures and hopefully the success of my life….

My life in Words…. 




Spare me the “RIP” Maya Angelou and how she was inspiration to you! I dont recall reading any inspirational poems that included disrespecting yourself, twerking, turning up or down, and posing with your ass out and fucking men that dont belong to you…… save your RIPs for the Superhead…… she was more inspirational to most of you than Maya Angelou. Dr. Maya Angelou was a woman of grace, intelligence and a matriarch of overcoming struggles and battles. She should be honored by those whose lives she touched not because her death is trending on social media. Educate yourself on what this woman went through in her life and how she overcame those struggles without losing degrading herself and others.