Football Life

I am by far one of the few rare women who lives and breaths football. I am so obsessed with it I would rearrange my Sundays to ensure by kick off I was on the couch with snacks and beers on standby! So this meant the earliest mass was attended (if I went), dinner was done, the house was cleaned, and I was dressed in my team gear (Go Redskins!!) no matter what was going on in my life football was the perfect outlet. Then I discovered in my town there was an league….I began playing right after going into remission. The thing I loved about it was I surrounded by women who loved the sport and loved competing….these women became my family and the game because my escape from reality. Before I entered the league I was facing being homeless, I was depressed and contemplating suicide. I truly believed it saved my life and it gave me something to look forward especially when everything else in life was crumbling. No one knew my struggles but the confidence I gained on the field was the confidence I used to continue fighting and not letting situations keep me down….three years later I am still playing…even I am much happier in my life now than I was back then I still feel the same excitement and look forward to every Sunday (Game Day)….












Bottom Dweller

Shits real when bottom dwelling type women feel the need to confess that other women are “hating” on them. Some how I don’t see a quality woman hating on the fact you spread your legs to anything with a cock n a smile, you end up pregnant more than rat in heat, you are sleep on other people’s couch’s and floors but yet you rock some of the biggest designers to date. Honey, women aren’t “hating” on you, women are using you as an example of “how not to be” and to teach young women of “what not to be”. You may think you have the “biggest” ass in the world and trust and believe the reality is you are the biggest ass in the world. So enjoy your life as a bottom dweller for you are nothing but the trash n shit that doesn’t float to the top and sinks, lives and breeds at the bottom of an ocean…btw, did you ever find out who fathered your child, yet? I mean really the search has been going on for over 12 years now….