Freedom of expression with clothing, shoes and accessories. The talk of fashion week was KingKanye. The world considered his fashion show as “Genius” “Edgy” and “Futuristic”. 

I actually….  

As I looked at the photos from his show.. I realized I’ve seen this look before…

As I kept scrolling through the photos it dawned on me… “I’ve seen this style before” 


Picture this: Fox Channel, mid 90s… 

  A show called “In Living Color” introduced us to a character named Anton…

Anton was a homeless drunk bum played by Damon Wayan… 


Fashion looks familiar, Kanye?!  

But since he is “Yeezus” I’m sure he gives no fucks!! 

I’m sure the “homeless” look by KingKanye and Adidas probably cost over $10,000 

All I’m trying to say is give credit where credits do Kanye and consider naming the line “The Anton Collection” by Kanye and Adidas 

Cheers, to your continuing success! 





Monday Night Thought 

  Love me for who I am and not because you think there is a pot of gold at the end of my rainbowLove me unconditional when I am right or wrong 

Take a stand as a man when someone disrespects me or threatens my livelihood.

Support me in good times and be my rock and my strength during bad time.

Stop looking at me as a temporary solution until you find what you are seeking.

Value me as a flawless diamond instead of cubic zirconia or fool’s gold. 

Instead of dwelling on my weakness guide me to be strong and to be better

My body and my mind is a temple that should be respected in the same fashion you respect your “God”

Understand I am a technical thinker so if I don’t understand something your way doesn’t mean I feel superior or trying to be a lawyer

It truly means I don’t understand

It takes a special man to understand me and accept me…

Today he has not come…

I’m not sure if “he” my perfect mate exists…

But I’m open to the universe to send him to me