A Letter to Steve Harvey


Yesterday, I listened to your show as you tried to explain your reasoning for meeting with Donald Trump. You explained how the meeting was to enlighten him in hopes of possibly getting through to him on the black community. What I found mostly interesting about your radio speech, you spoke on how at one point of your life you were homeless living in your car for three years. So because you experienced that many, many moons ago it makes you a representative for the black community?


If Donald Trump really wanted to get to know the struggles of the black community, why didn’t he reach out to a person like me or to a retiree who put in many years of work and instead of enjoying retirement, they are trying to figure out what cuts to social security are being made, how will they be able to pay for their medication, etc.? Not some like you, who is wealthy, who can make hundreds of thousands for appearances and millions for hosting talk and game shows.


You are not part of the struggles of the black community, you do not know what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck in this economy nor do you know what it is like be black “middle class” or even “poor”. You spoke on meeting with Trump as an attempt to do outreach for the black community but what issues did you speak to him about that truly affects our community that is not shown on the news or social media?


The black community had an issue with you sitting down with trump because he has made it known he does not care for minorities and women. This is the same man who provoked racial violence at his rallies. Maybe not as extreme as the civil rights rallies of the 60s but he stood on a platform with media present instigating racial “hate”.


In my opinion, your meeting with Trump was for personal gain for your brand and for Trump to say “hey look, I know black people”. The meeting was for propaganda. Donald Trump was once close friends with Russell Simmons, since his presidential bid, their friendship tarnish because of the racial and hateful things he has said. Had you spoke about your “meeting” prior to the date on your radio and maybe asked your listeners to engage in conversation about some of the issues we as regular class citizens of America face, I think your position would’ve been more respected. A great time to spend on that topic could’ve been in the time slot of the “Strawberry Letter” which most of the time isn’t positive.


Do you really know what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck? To have to budget your checks to ensure bills to maintain a roof over your head, lights/water/gas are still on, to ensure that there is enough food in the fridge to hold your family over until the next check comes in. Do you know what it is like to not be able to afford a car so depending on the city you live public transportation may be expensive, always delayed, etc., so you hope and pray you make it to work on time? Do you know what it is like to have children in not so great schools because you can’t afford the tuition of private school and then to educate yourself on the person Donald Trump has selected as Secretary of Education (Betsy DeVos)?


In closing, If Trump was to ever unleash his inner beast and allow his satanic horns to show, you and your wife would be on the next private jet out of here while the rest of us struggle to find safety. I always find it astounding how someone like me who isn’t rich does a lot within the black community but the wealthy who come from poverty do so little. In order to understand your people, you must walk amongst your people.


I’m happy for all of the success you gained. You deserve it all and hopefully one day, I can achieve the same level of success or more until then……………










Black Drama

At what cost will it take for our people “the black community” to wake the fuck up and start making changes?! Black men walk down the streets with their pants hanging off their asses, you walk like the street as gangsters and thugs, you walk down the street with a “fuck the white man/ fuck the police” mentality and think this shit is acceptable, as if this shit is representation of what being black is all about. You blame the “slave mentality” as the cause of your unethical thinking and actions. But it’s nothing mere than a bullshit excuse to be ignorant. Wake up black people and learn to value yourself, your race and your community. Stop trying to be “that nigga” with the “dopest kicks” and the baddest “bitches”. Stop thinking of women as “bitches”, stop calling yourself a “nigga”. This is not the freedom slaves fought so hard for, this is not what those who experienced segregation had in mind when they found for civil rights! You are doing nothing more but proving why ancestors were chained and slaved. You are proving why segregation was a law. Yes racism is wrong, yes black people are racially profiled and innocently killed. But why are we outraged when a white cop kills one of our own? And so no outrage when black on black crimes are committed? In this era, we don’t have great black leaders, we have the media whores and financial seekers like the Rev. Al Sharpton and and Jesse Jackson. They don’t care for the black community unless it is beneficial to them, especially Sharpton. Just because we were blessed to see a “1st Black President” doesn’t mean he is “for the people” and “for our people”. This madness in the communities must stop. The twerk video for male attention must stop, the riots in St. Louis must stop, the killing sprees in Chicago must stop, the blaming the “white man” must stop, the low class and ignorance must stop, the killing of one another must stop! If YOU choose not to stop….Understand the purging of our black race will continue…..why should the country of America give a shit about you when you don’t give a shit about yourself or your neighbors. Understand, in this great country of America, slavery was abolished not racism. Bet you didn’t know that? Because you’re too busy being stupid and destroying what little black communities are left..most importantly stop defining beauty in the black community on booty, skin tone and “good”/hair textures