Bottom Dweller

Shits real when bottom dwelling type women feel the need to confess that other women are “hating” on them. Some how I don’t see a quality woman hating on the fact you spread your legs to anything with a cock n a smile, you end up pregnant more than rat in heat, you are sleep on other people’s couch’s and floors but yet you rock some of the biggest designers to date. Honey, women aren’t “hating” on you, women are using you as an example of “how not to be” and to teach young women of “what not to be”. You may think you have the “biggest” ass in the world and trust and believe the reality is you are the biggest ass in the world. So enjoy your life as a bottom dweller for you are nothing but the trash n shit that doesn’t float to the top and sinks, lives and breeds at the bottom of an ocean…btw, did you ever find out who fathered your child, yet? I mean really the search has been going on for over 12 years now….