The Moment of Truth

You tell her you never loved her.
You tell her you don't care for her.
You tell her she is the reason your dick can't get hard.
You tell her you hate her.
You make fun of all of her physical flaws including her surgical scars and stretch marks.
You make fun of the fact she is a survivor of abuse and call her a weak ass victim.
You laugh her for not having a mom and dad like you.
You make fun of her for being fat and having a gut.
As you are spewing this vile to her face, she continues to stand tall, stand proud and stand strong
Even though she wants to break down and cry…..
She accepts your words with no violence
She accepts knowing the truth of how the same man who once claimed to love her truly feel about her.
The sad reality, she walks everyday of her life, ashamed of her flaws.
Seeking to find love within herself to love herself as is.
But in that process, she found herself, in this moment with someone who knew her battles and made sure to go in for the kill.
There is no "I'm sorry" to heal the wounds of hearing a man who she thought was her "king" say to her she has no beauty, she has no worth, she is nothing and to even wish death on her.

Although she walked away, she now has to focus on healing and rebuilding herself and beg to God daily to never place another vile in her life or her next step will be suicide.

My Offering

I am battling this whole belief in “God” and “religion”…..I do believe in a higher being but would I label it “god” or “Jesus Christ”??? I can’t say…we based our interactions with people off their religiously beliefs and off the “class” of “man” but I guess so many of those have forgotten that Jesus himself was a “homeless” prophet..many doubted his power as a prophet because he didn’t carry himself in the mannerism n belief he was of “higher” being. He judged others on their characters and their willingness to change and their belief in faith. But, we as people, as his children are so judge mental of others who have less than us material wise.  We are so willing to make it rain in the strip clubs, and pop bottles in the night club instead of taking that grand and feeding a shelter. We shit on man who is hungry and homeless and act as if we would catch the disease of “homelessness” if we’re in the presence of one. But yet people are so given to the church when our tithes and offerings is supplying the pastor with tailor made suits, Cadillacs, college funds for his kids, his mistresses kids and so forth. If this is what being a “man” or “woman” of God is all about…I rather be an atheist for I am a human being and a loving being who receives the greatest joy in knowing I put a smile on someone’s face who is “less fortunate” than me. No man is better than any man 

and never think for a moment being poor and homeless would never happen to you. Ask a homeless person if they ever thought they would be homeless….remember charity is given from the heart with no request of it returning to u “10 folds” and charity is not just a holiday offering to the homeless for homelessness not only occur during the holiday season but all year around…..if Jesus could walk amongst those plagued with leprocy and offer an aid, we can walk in Jesus steps (as we should since we are his children, right?) and offer someone “less fortunate” a helping and caring hand….so before u bow your head and say “Amen” and thank Jesus for your offerings how about you praise to your father, lord and savior the good deed you bestow upon his child…..


The “hate” of the mind can be far worse than the “hate” of the heart. When we “hate” from the heart, we end up with remorse and trying to correct a “mistake” that we’ve made but when you hate from your mind, it consumes you like a black hole and with no emotion there is no remorse or correction to be made. They always said to listen to your heart instead of the voices in your head. For your heart guides you in the right direction and your mind can lead you to a road of destruction…