Mind-Boggling Blogging 

I know I will never be famous with my blogs as many people are and that’s fine. I use blogging as a tool to release my inner thoughts. Through my life of trials and tribulations, blogging my emotions during crucial times in my life has saved me. But the thing I don’t understand or will I ever care to is why people don’t stay true to themselves? 

I followed a local fashion blogger who sense of style is amazing, her creative ideas in fashion, home decor and candid eye for beautiful photography is breathtaking. She went through an extreme dark period in her life where she became an advocate for mental illness.

During her dark time,she posted battles and challenges she was facing with the “disease” and encourage other women to seek education, help and other aids in avoiding/ dealing with it. 

I commended her on it. Through her dark posts, i read interesting personal articles that I could relate to and found myself questioning my thought process. But as I got more involved in her post, I realized they were all posted for attention. She is nothing but a drama queen constantly looking for people to say “oh you’re so perfect, you’re so beautiful” beautiful physically, she is but very deceitful and not real.

During her dark time, I got to know her on a personal level and it made me realized her “mental illness” was self-inflicted because she got caught for being a liar and deceitful. 

Personally, no one is perfect and we all cry for love and attention in various ways.  A lot of times, not in a positive manner. But I respect those who own their truths whether it’s good or bad.

The major step in changing and fixing the “issue” is admitting your faults. Back to her, she went on this “mental illness” crusade for awhile until she realize it wasn’t winning her fiancé back and her followers didn’t care about her mental health.

They cared more about what she was wearing during her breakdowns. She erased any and everything relating to her journey through this.

The truth is she was never diagnosed with it. Since finding a man to give her time and attention she is (miraculously) no longer ill. Now she is riding a new horse named attention.

The post is my post, stay true to yourself and stay true to who you are. There is nothing worse than being a zombie of society (being someone other than yourself for social acceptance) 

I’m sure if she was to read this, she would  possibly assume I am jealous. I love bloggers who express THEMSELVES the real them and not facetiously. 

Don’t cry rape, mental illness, etc., just to get attention because there are a lot of us who has lived that life and have struggled or is struggling to move on from it.

Be real bitch and stop being fake! If I want to see fake…. I rather follow a minute by minute post on a celebrity.

Kenya Moore…The Woman I Never Want to Be…..

A woman should consider investing in a cat instead of investing in lying and fake relationships.

How dare you sit on any forum talking about other women when your life is messier than the combined ratchet years of Jerry Springer?

You talk about how other women are jealous of you because of who you are but yet there is more to any woman than just booty and beauty. (You are living proof of that).

You shamed women like Portia and Phaedra because of their chosen men and lifestyles but yet you can’t keep a man…

Instead of searching the catalogues of sperm donors maybe you should search the catalogs of your health insurance and find yourself a psycho therapist.
Because it is obvious there’s a mental illness that lives under all of those layers of makeup, acne and wigs… oh I’m sorry let me correct myself…weaves.

You live in a make believe world that makes you think you are a unicorn or a queen of some magical place from far, far away.

Unfortunately, it takes situation like Portia snatching your ass off of the couch during last season’s reunion to snap some “reality” into you.

You forge more relationships than Apollo forged checks.
What happened to your “married African” prince?
Did if offer you a settlement to stay the fuck away from him?
What really happened to your “beloved” dog? Did he/she/it commit suicide because it could no longer stand your mentally ill ass?
You keep bragging about “these men” in your life
but yet “these men” don’t claim your asses or go on to marry others especially white women….
It’s time you take a bite of “humble” pie and realize
I’m sick of women like you being broadcast on “Reality” TV.
There is nothing wrong with admitting you have a mental illness. There are many women who battled it and learn to deal and survive with it.
Take ownership of it.
And stop faking relationships.
You have successfully faked 4 relationships (that I’ve counted) and every time you have been left in the media’s eye looking like a fucking dumbass….