I’m Tired

Everyone has always looked at me and thought of me as being strong. My strength came from fucked life experiences where I had no choice but to be strong or fold to the hatred n anger around. But some people get to a point when being strong is not enough anymore. I’ve cried so many tears that eyes respond to me “bitch please”. My heart doesn’t know what its like to experience love for everytime it has entered my life its caused me the greatest pain. I try to be positive and look forward to a better and happier future. But in return my dreams, my hopes n my desires are taken from me. I hide my pain through my rough exterior and through my sarcasm but lately I’ve discovered “i’m tired”. I’ve given up on love, I’ve given up on friendship, I’ve given up “trying”. What is life without love and no one to share it with? What is a life full of disappointments and rejections?? What is life when you spend most of your time here “fighting” and trying to be accepted? My life!