A Sexual Thought

The feel of your warm tongue
as it slides over my clit
making me moan
making my pussy drip
do it again baby
don’t stop
slide your tongue up and down
and dip it into the warm silky pool that’s building in my pussy
taste and drink all you want
it never runs dry
make me scream with pleasure
hold me on the egde of orgasam
draw me close then let me calm down a little
but only just a little
let my pussy
tight and wet
feel your throbbing cock of steel
sliding in and out before you make me cum
when you’ve plunged it deep again and again
draw it out slow
let me lick the dripping juice
while you eat my pussy somemore
let me slide the tip of my tongue in and out
of the eye I’ve stretched just a bit
I’ll make circles with my tongue
inside the sensative walls of that delicious eye (the tip of that beautiful brown dick)
and as you wimper and suck my clit hard
I’ll suck your cock deep and hard
down my throat
not letting you go
until at last you’ve filled my mouth
with my favorite drink
so warm and sweet
dip your tongue while your shooting your load
into my aching pussy
lick my g-spot hard and fast
until I explode
then suck my juice
just as i’ve sucked yours
drink it to the very last drop
when your drained of my favorite drink
I’ll suck you hard again
so my hungry wet pussy
so thirsty for cum
can have the next drink
and drain you once again


Bottom Dweller

Shits real when bottom dwelling type women feel the need to confess that other women are “hating” on them. Some how I don’t see a quality woman hating on the fact you spread your legs to anything with a cock n a smile, you end up pregnant more than rat in heat, you are sleep on other people’s couch’s and floors but yet you rock some of the biggest designers to date. Honey, women aren’t “hating” on you, women are using you as an example of “how not to be” and to teach young women of “what not to be”. You may think you have the “biggest” ass in the world and trust and believe the reality is you are the biggest ass in the world. So enjoy your life as a bottom dweller for you are nothing but the trash n shit that doesn’t float to the top and sinks, lives and breeds at the bottom of an ocean…btw, did you ever find out who fathered your child, yet? I mean really the search has been going on for over 12 years now….