I Pledge 

I pledge to be supportive of you, your dreams, your feelings and your emotions.

I pledge to honor you, to uplift you and to be there for you through thick and thin, good times and bad times.

I pledge to respect how you feel even if I disagree. 

I pledge to uplift you as the love of my life, as the man you are and as my king (I will honor you) until death do us part.

I will not belittle you, your manhood nor your heart, in any way, shape or form.

I pledge to show my love for you and my happiness with you daily. 

I pledge to be your best friend, your lover, your partner and your biggest fan.

I pledge to hug you, to kiss you, and to say “I love you” daily. 

I pledge to give you my all, my heart and my soul.

I pledge to be everything you want me to be, in honor of making you happy. 

I pledge to you my love on April 25, 2016.



Nothing wrong with admitting when you are wrong. But what’s the point of “I’m sorry” when you turn around and make the same mistakes? Sometimes you feel bad for what you’ve said and done, but real growth comes from working on the negative. For so long, I’ve been so negative due to past experiences that I was unaware I carried a storm cloud over my head and hurt others because I was hurting. When I turned 35, I let it all go. Now that I’m storm cloud free. I am ready to experience real love, a positive love that I never allowed myself to feel. I, no longer, care what has happened in the past. I am now living in the moment and looking forward to the future. I am able to smile brighter now and know my smile comes from joy, I am able to laugh until my stomach hurts. I finally experienced the rebirth I’ve craved for years now. I am a new and better version of who I once was and I’m in love with myself and life. I am completely at peace with my past and hold no bitter, hatred or the need to rehash anything that has happened. #spiritualgrowth #mentalgrowth #love #happiness 

My Blogging Thoughts on “LOVE” 


Never get upset over someone leaving you especially during your time of need. Love is an emotional roller coaster. Love goes through highs and lows…and sometimes you sustain some blows if you’re not acting right. but when a person truly loves you, They challenge your negative ways because they know you can do and be better… Love is unconditional, love can not be turned off like a light switch….love doesn’t cheat nor sample someone’s else grass and love never turns its back even when they are mad…. Most important lesson in love…never love someone more than they can love you. Sometimes a breakup is not one sided. #bloggersthoughts 

I miss Him


It’s amazing how you can love some so much and hurt them.My fear of commitment and getting hurt really did me in this time.

There hasn’t been many men I loved in my life. But this one I loved and regret breaking his heart. 

With many men, I was more interested in what they could offer me

But this guy…….. Yeah, I’m in love with him and I fucked it because I allowed my I insecurities and pride speak for me instead of my heart.

He will never come back but I wish he would

He’s my life partner and the only man to hold the key to my heart