Late Night Thought

As I lay on the couch I fantasize about a bondage encounter
As someone who was a dominatrix…I crave for my man to take the lead
It is so easy and so simple to suck, ride and fuck
But my fantasies want more
I guess from my life its not typical to come across a black female
Enjoys the thrill of being submissive
Who enjoys a man who can dominate
A man whose not afraid to fuck rough….borderline violent
A man who chokes me from behind as he fucks me hard…almost violently
A man who understands how much I love control so he challenges me
By making me submissive
Men think its sexy for a woman to call him “daddy”
Fuck I don’t fuck my daddy so that doesn’t turn me on
Save that bullshit for an inexperience sexual partner
I love to be tied up, bent over and spanked
I enjoy oral and am talented enough to know he will not be able to stop or control his orgasm
I love to have my hair or weave pull
I love sex swings
I hate boring sex
But yet I don’t engage in threesomes
In my opinion, I love one on one sexual encounters
And I love a man to makes it his duty to ensure
I’m sexually satisfied
Because I make sure my sexual victims w
alk away with thoughts of me for all eternity

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