A “New” Me….. 

In order to love someone else, you must learn to love yourself. Maybe this is why I have never had a successful relationship. I love the idea of “love”, “togetherness” and “forever” but the “insecure” demons always find their way to interfere. I am offering myself a 30 Day “I love Myself” challenge beginning on my birthday April 1st… In the meantime I will create a vision board, put health and fitness as a priority and work on a better me. I’ve come along way…. But feel I should be happier and more successful than I currently am….. I am on a mission to achieve my goals and stop allowing “fear” and “insecurity” to hold me back…. I hope on this day next year…. I am happy, financially secure and in awesome health! 


One thought on “A “New” Me….. 

  1. samyManyika says:

    Hie there, I have nominated you for a LIEBSTER award. you can check it out on https://samanthamanyika.wordpress.com/2015/03/28/liebster-with-a-glass-of-chardonnay/

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