Sexy Music

Sitting here listening to slow jams and sipping wine. George Michael’s “Father Figure” begins to play, Anyone who knows me personally knows I am a die hard George Michael fan. But every time I hear this song…I think about being a little girl and finding this video to be super sexy. I remember thinking how when I grow up I want that kind of sexual attraction. I didn’t know much about sex and what “fucking” was but I was smart enough to know this song and “Justify My Love” by Modonna made me excited about becoming an adult and experiencing sex and lust like that…maybe they are to blame for my taste in S&M. Back to the point. This is a super sexy song! I should consider making a sexual playlist and see how my victim…I mean partner enjoy the sexual experience with top sexy songs:
Prince: Purple Rain”
George Michael “Father Figure”
Madonna “Justify My Love”
J Holiday “Bed”
Michael Jackson “Dirty Diana”
Michael Jackson ” Give into Me”
Chris Isaak “Wicked Game”
The Weekend “Wicked Games”
I would love for others to share their “sexy” songs



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