A Little Note

Understand, i am a woman….not to be confused with being a “whore”, a “groupie”, a “side piece” or a quick “fuck”. Therefore, when you approach me, approach with the respect and mannerism, you would approach your mother or grandmother. Do not speak to me in a sexual manner or assume because I will go out on a date with you that i will end the night fucking you. Thanks to the degrade in self-respect and self-pride of women these days, men have forgotten the proper way to talk to a woman. If the only conversation we can engage in consist of sexual matters or celebrity gossip then we dont need to talk. I am not the female on youtube making twerk videos, I am not the female on social media posing in every picture with my ass out. Why? because that is not who i am and feel I shouldnt have to expose myself to be considered beautiful. Please understand I dont find penis pics or self-pleasing videos as sexy. I am at a stage in my life where I am seeking a man of quality and respect not a teenage boy in a grown man’s body asking as if he is going through puberty. Is social media the blame for this?



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