Football Life

I am by far one of the few rare women who lives and breaths football. I am so obsessed with it I would rearrange my Sundays to ensure by kick off I was on the couch with snacks and beers on standby! So this meant the earliest mass was attended (if I went), dinner was done, the house was cleaned, and I was dressed in my team gear (Go Redskins!!) no matter what was going on in my life football was the perfect outlet. Then I discovered in my town there was an league….I began playing right after going into remission. The thing I loved about it was I surrounded by women who loved the sport and loved competing….these women became my family and the game because my escape from reality. Before I entered the league I was facing being homeless, I was depressed and contemplating suicide. I truly believed it saved my life and it gave me something to look forward especially when everything else in life was crumbling. No one knew my struggles but the confidence I gained on the field was the confidence I used to continue fighting and not letting situations keep me down….three years later I am still playing…even I am much happier in my life now than I was back then I still feel the same excitement and look forward to every Sunday (Game Day)….












3 thoughts on “Football Life

  1. I’m so the same with AFL footy in Australia. I have no social life on weekends and I like to get my snacks ready before the first bounce of the ball. I could talk about it non-stop but the guys don’t really talk about it with me cos it’s such a surprise I like footy. I think sport can teach us so much about life and I love your story here. Thanks for sharing.

    • Islandmami32 says:

      Thank you! People are surprised when they discover how much I love sports. I guess they find it rare to see a woman such as myself who can go toe for toe in sports trivia especially football and the fact I go from high heels to football cleats…I am always told I don’t look like the type who enjoys football, let alone play….sports does teach us a lot and reflecting back on my years of playing it has taught me so much

      • I know what you mean. I’m into glitter and tulle and ballet, so everyone is shocked when they find out I adore football. Love meeting others who love their sport!

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