Understand I am a woman with feelings and opinions. Understand I am a strong minded woman that knows whAt she wants and what she expects from others. Please note because I am of woman with strong opinions and ideas of what i want don’t mistake me for being over aggressive or being the “typical black woman” it means I know and value my worth and know what it is I am willing to accept and compromise. I’ve had the pleasure of watching many people guest star on my reality show called “My Life” and once your contract ends there is no room for negotiations or future appearances on my show. I’ve given people too much power to occupy my time and my emotions when their feelings and intentions weren’t real. As I approach my 33rd birthday in two weeks..I am done accepting less than or unworthy people. Whether you were a friend, family member, lover or enemy….your destination ends at the bottom of the cliff. There is not enough time on this earth to make a grown man with the mind of a horny 18 yr old be a man. There is no time to rekindle friendships with double crossing friends…there is no time to waste on people and situations that doesn’t make Juanita a happy and positive “Priority”…


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