My Confession…..

Lent season is upon us and part of being a good catholic is confessing….so here is my confession……

All my life I struggle with wanting to be accepted, loved and respected to the point I’ve allowed so many people to disrespect me. I take pride of who I am and accepting the cards I’ve been dealt and honestly I give so much gratitude to the universe for allowing me to make it through so many situations while still maintaining my sanity and my strength even at times of defeat. I am not angel but I’m no demon..I accept the fact that I am not perfect nor do I ever try to achieve perfection…I struggled beyond my means for so many things…I found through abuse, depression, cancer and self hatred and begging society and the world to see me as a beautiful, black, strong willed woman. Through all of my accomplishments I stand alone with no one to congratulate me, no one to catch me when I’ve fallen, no one to utter the three magical words “I love you” that suppose to mean so much. Still I stand with my head above water on the outside but slowly drowning within. But I don’t give up on understanding the meaning of “life, love and understanding” I just hope the universe will stop punishing me and grant me the “fruits” of happiness I have been seeking so desperately for most of my life….this is my confession….what is yours?


2 thoughts on “My Confession…..

  1. Keep being beautiful my Sistah. Keep doing you. And remove your thoughts, if you can, that the Universe is dishing out some sort of punishment on you. Your words have power. Know that the most positive thoughts are the most powerful, and that power will return to you. I wish you Peace.

    • Islandmami32 says:

      Thank you I truly appreciate your kind words and I do tend to let “negativity” surround me. I guess in a way it’s what I’m accustomed and used you. However I am working on making “me” more positive

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