I thought we voted Obama in office because we were a country desperately seeking a change? We were a country tired of wars, inflations and recessions. But today proved our First black President who had a plan to “bring our troops” home and to stop wars is no better or different than Bush. We are raging a war against a terrorist country who uses chemical warfare on its ppl. But what is the term our country uses for the “terrorism” they are bestowing upon us? Our air and water supple is contaminated, our food is poisoned (GMO), our own govt is killing us (911?) but yet we are trying to save others? How about we save ourselves for once? First off by challenging and outlawing the Federal reserve…we are the “richest” country but yet our money holds no value in other countries and we don’t own our own money…I voted for a fucking changed…And i expect that “Change” for the better. The only thing that has “changed” is the color of our president’s skin. this war in Syria is not necessary. we will bomb this country for control, gain the country, train  “terrorist” w/ our military to build them to be greater terrorist than they already are. i guess this is the “supply n demand” concept I learned in school. I guess Mr. President didn’t  watch the video of Syria’s soldier cutting open the body of a dead soldier and eating the decease’s liver and heart  I If Baba Vega’s prophecy holds truth…. This country is fucked! 


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