Things I see from my own Eyes

A world so heartless and cold, we live by greed and not by need. We step on those we think are beneath us and laugh at those we think are funny. We worship a man (our God) who was a homeless prophet but turn our heads n our backs on his starving children. We dance to music that degrade us and watch shows that portray us in the dimmest light they can find but yet we reward these things to fit in and ignore the things that uplifts us. Every man/woman brag about being a child of “God” but yet so many live their lives like a child of Satan. Jesus and Mother Mary weep tears not from joy but from the pain we show them. Our children are lost in this world with no proper guidance or bright lights to guide them right and we question “how did we go so wrong”?? Social media has been the bridge to bring a world so far apart together. But rage, anger and hatred is slowly burning that bridge and causing a gap so wide that little by little people have been swallowed. Maybe this is why the Myans predicted the end in 2012. Because they saw the self destruction within ourselves and they know there is no hope for rebuilding. Men are stuck on the size of a woman’s booty to see what’s suppose to matter her true beauty…the beauty that comes from within and shines out. Women are so stuck on the man w/ the tightest whips, clothes and what financial attributes he can offer that they settle for less than..some way, somehow we all need to come together. MLK fought for equality not so we can destroy the teachings he taught. If this world was still segregated would my community/ my people still be this lost or would we be united as one? We self hate ourselves and our race because of the color of our skins..she/he’s too blk. Rebones are better, I don’t want a nappy head child, etc., we are all beautiful no matter the color of our skin, our creed or nationality. These are things I see w/ my own eyes.


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